The healthiest, all organic food in Delhi
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The healthiest, all organic food in Delhi

By Touristy Trinket
Nov 2018
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Where can you find the healthiest, all organic food in Delhi?

“Here at AnnaMaya we inspire and nurture the socially conscious mind through true stories, artisanal food and experiential food”

Organic eating isn’t just a fad today, but a way of living. A calming food experience that will leave you fully content yet make you feel healthy.

Located at Andaz Hotel in Aerocity, Annamaya is an all organic restaraunt with a strong focus on socially conscious eating.

Its unlikely you’ve come across a place in Delhi with such strong emphasis on socially inspiring food. Each dish is meant to nurture your mind and body through it being organically sourced from various farms all throughout India.

Traditionally Indian and continental food is served in various concoctions that are not only extremely healthy but also downright delicious.

With many vegan dishes on the menu, the restaurant takes a shift to the health conscious individual who feels healthy and hearty through truly nutritious food great for the body that’s pretty low on the calorie quotient.

The lamb chops for non vegetarians is absolutely terrific and a must try. Possibly one of the best non-vegetarian dishes on the menu. Shown below (Photo courtesy of Annamaya):

For veggies, the linguine with sugar snaps and the Banyard millet khichdi are great options.

The creamy amaranth with sprinkled parmesan and avocado-millet salad are great side-dishes too. (Shown below- photos courtesy of Annamaya) :

The restaraunt is super spacious and colorful in its setting and and the open kitchens add a nice touch.

For those looking to eat organic food, simply on a detox, be super healthy yet in a pleasing setting enjoying a meal with friends, this is definitely the place to go.

The staff is extremely passionate about the story of Annamaya and are quick to give recommendations based on your preferences.